What We Do


Pride in London

GLADD is proud to take its place and march in the parade each year, as a celebration of our community and bold reminder of the work still to be done to improve the health of LGBTQ+ people. In 2020 we were part of the virtual parade on the Piccadilly Circus big screen - keep an eye on our events calendar to join us next year!


Fighting so-called ‘conversion therapy’

GLADD is a signatory of the Memorandum of Understanding on Conversion Therapy, working to end this destructive and unethical practice in the UK. Our efforts continue with the submission of proposals to the Government Equalities Office and an article in the BMJ.


Championing trans healthcare

Read GLADD's statement regarding the High Court ruling on Bell v Tavistock, outlining our concerns of the impact on the wellbeing of young trans people, access to gender identity services and the inadequate representation of trans and non-binary people in the decision-making process. We are delighted that this decision has since been overturned.

In the BMJ, GLADD members highlight that poor data quality and patient care arise from a failure to distinguish between sex and gender in medical records and research. Much more needs to be done to understand health issues facing trans people, which is why we will soon be launching a campaign for better quality guidance from medical specialties.


Supporting inclusive blood donation

GLADD is delighted to support more inclusive rules around blood donation and will continue to advocate for more that remains to be done in this area. Read our letter to members, also published in The Lancet.


The impact of COVID on LGBTQ+ health

GLADD members discuss the impact of COVID-19 on LGBTQ+ health inequalities and the concerning lack of evidence in this area, in this BMJ editorial and rapid response article.



We sit on the BMA's Equality, Diversity & Inclusion advisory group and regularly review the equality impact of policies for the GMC and Royal Colleges. The GMC's new Guide for LGBT patients, published to coincide with Pride Month, was produced with the support of GLADD.

We also contributed to the Parliamentary Women and Equalities Committee inquiry into health and social care for LGBT people.

Read our submission here.


Equality, Diversity & Inclusion at the GMC

GLADD is a member of the General Medical Council's Strategic Equality, Diversity and Inclusion forum. We welcome input from our members for these meetings, so please get in touch with us if you would like to raise or feedback any relevant issues and experiences to the GMC.


A Genderless Medical Register

GLADD and our partners have successfully campaigned to allow doctors to remove their gender from the public medical register for the first time.

In the BMJ, former Chair Dr Christopher Morrison highlights the importance of diversity monitoring in developing a greater understanding of the medical workforce.


Championing the Progress Pride flag

GLADD has adopted the forward-looking Progress Pride flag as a symbol of greater diversity and inclusivity, as explained in this BMJ article.


Tackling abuse of LGBTQ+ NHS Staff

We work to raise awareness of and challenge discrimination against LGBTQ+ staff and patients. Read Dr Michael Alexander's article in i News, along with our report with the BMA on LGBT equality in the workplace.


Out at work: being a gay doctor


Hellomyname is Gender Badges

For International Pronouns Day we are supporting the use of pronouns on ID badges commonly used in healthcare settings.