So-called 'conversion therapy'

Medical Schools Charter

The UK Medical Schools Charter on So-Called LGBTQ+ ‘Conversion Therapy’ has been created in partnership between queer medical activists, GLADD and Lancaster University Medical School.

Signatories of this charter commit to their medical school:

  1. Supporting the banning of LGBTQ+ so-called 'conversion therapy’
  2. Formally calling on the GMC to recognise the harm of ‘conversion therapy’ and how participation in the delivery of ‘conversion therapy’ breaches the core principle that a doctor to “do no harm”
  3. Agreeing that medical school students and staff should, under no-circumstances, participate in the provision any form of ‘conversion therapy’
  4. Ensuring that curricula include authentic and joyful representation of LGBTQ+ people, to challenge stigma and stereotyping
  5. Ensuring that curricula include an awareness of ‘conversion therapy’, its harms and the importance of working with LGBTQ+ patients to respect and affirm their gender and/or sexual identity
  6. Supporting LGBTQ+ students and staff to work in an environment free of hate, discrimination and harassment. This should include the implementation of future guidance on creating fair and equitable medical schools that challenges the exclusion of marginalised people, as outlined by the Medical School Council Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion Alliance.

Who has signed it?

This charter is being sent to every medical school in the UK. We will regularly update the charter with the signatures of staff signing on behalf of an institution to uphold the principles outlined above. If you do not see your medical school on this charter that does not necessarily mean that they have not signed it, and you will see below a date confirming the last time the signature list was updated. We encourage students and staff to speak with their medical schools and ask them to work with us to add their signatures. Other related organisations are also welcome to endorse the charter and its aims.


Find out more

To understand more about this charter and why we believe medical schools should commit to these principles, please view the full document below which includes all of the relevant background information.
You can also review the accompanying Charter Fact Check - a document for medical schools addressing some common criticisms and misinformation regarding the charter.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.



Last updated: 08/01/24