Research Funding

GLADD is pleased to offer funding awards to promote research in the fields of LGBTQ+ medical and dental healthcare and education.


Application Guidance

Our constitutional aims include the collection and dissemination of information on LGBTQ+ issues relevant to the practice of medicine and dentistry. To support this, GLADD offers discretionary funding awards to support members in carrying out or communicating their research.

Submissions should document an original audit, research (including systematic review), or other project in the field of LGBTQ+ healthcare or medical and dental education.

Applicants are invited to submit an abstract of their project, which should outline; the relevance of the project to LGBT health, education, or equality and diversity in healthcare; methodology; results, with reference to reliability, transferability of conclusions or success of implementation; opportunities for further development or research.

Submissions will be accepted throughout the year. They will be independently assessed by three members of the committee who have no conflicting interests in the project.

Successful applicants are required to acknowledge GLADD support on publication or presentation of their project and submit a short report on their project for dissemination in GLADD communications. Successful abstracts will be published on the GLADD website.

Applications should be submitted to