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GLADD upholds confidentiality and respects privacy in line with the requirements of the General Medical Council and General Dental Council. Our full privacy policy is outlined here. If you have any questions about how we handle your data, please contact us


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This website uses your browser's local storage to remember preferences that you set and to enable log in functionality across pages.

By browsing this website with your browser's cookies and local storage settings enabled you are accepting and consenting to the use of cookies according to this policy.

Whilst there are technical differences between local storage and cookies, they are both essentially small text files placed on your computer by your browser. When we use the catch-all terms cookie or cookies in this policy we are referring to both cookies and local storage.

To avoid cookies/local storage, it is possible to disable them in your web browser. This website will continue to function with cookies/local storage disabled, however you may experience some issues with the members area logging you out after page refreshes.


How to manage cookies and local storage

The majority of web browsers allow you to completely disable the use of Cookies. They also allow you to delete cookies created by specific domains/websites.

These links should take you to popular browsers' support pages on the subject. These are all external links and are not managed or maintained by GLADD

Microsoft Edge
Safari for iOS

To delete your browser's local storage after visiting this site it is normally sufficient to clear your browser's history. Some browsers will allow you to browse with local storage disabled, use the links above for specific information.

If you browse this site using an incognito or private browsing tab then all local storage or cookies set by the site will be deleted when you close all of your browser windows.


The types of cookies we use on this site

First Party Cookies

First party cookies are set directly by us and are necessary for the full functionality of this website. They include preferences that you set and session information when you log in to the site.

First party cookies set by this website

Local Storage, key: store--colour-mode

Stores an integer reflecting your choice of light/dark mode

Local Storage, key: gotrue.user

This object is only created when you log in. It is deleted when you log out.

Stores session information that allows us to keep you logged in between page refreshes. It also contains a subset of the personal information that is visible on your members page.

To remove this information from your browser, log out from, completely clear your browser history or use your browser's tools to delete the localstorage item with gotrue.user key associated with the domain.

Third Party Cookies

Many websites set third party cookies, via advertisers or analytics platforms. We do not currently set any third party cookies but if we ever do this policy will be updated to reflect those changes.



Questions, comments and requests regarding this cookie policy are welcomed please send them through our contact form.