Research Studies

The following studies are currently looking for participants - we would be thrilled if any GLADD member, friend or colleague could support them. More research is desperately needed to drive improvements in LGBTQ+ healthcare, so get involved if you can and help shape work that makes a difference to LGBTQ+ communities!

Coming Out in Clinical Practice: Experiences of LGBT+ healthcare workers within Primary Care

What do foundation year doctors/final year medical students feel should be included in their undergraduate curriculum to prepare them for delivering effective care to transgender and gender diverse patients?

We seek to understand the perceptions of final year medical students and foundation year doctors on transgender and gender diverse teaching in their undergraduate training and their feelings on proposed teaching objectives.

The survey will take no more than 15 minutes to complete. The deadline is 15th March 2024.

This project has been approved by Cardiff University School of Medicine Ethics Committee SREC reference: 23/78.

Coming Out in Clinical Practice: Experiences of LGBT+ healthcare workers within Primary Care

This study aims to learn from the experience of LGBTQ+ doctors and other healthcare professionals within general practice, to understand how people develop, protect, and manage their professional identities. There are two components: a survey questionnaire and an interview.

The questionnaire should only take about 5 minutes and is linked below. The second component is the interview. These are likely to last about 1 hour and will be conducted via Zoom. Whilst completion of both sections is ideal it is not mandatory. If you are interested in participating in an interview, please contact us on

Exploring the Experiences of Transgender and Non-Binary Doctors within the NHS

A London School of Hygeine and Tropical Medicine health policy student is recruiting participants to take part in 30-minute Zoom interviews for her master's dissertation project. Participants will be asked how identifying as queer influences their experiences with other physicians and with their patients. All questions will be sent to participants in advance and all personal data will be kept anonymous.

If you are interested, please email with your name and the dates/times when you are free for a Zoom interview.